Secure your PC(s) for kiosk access in minutes.

3 separate Netkiosk versions for optimum choice, flexibility and freedom.

Netkiosk Standard


With Netkiosk Standard you can quickly lock down your PCs and give users access to a secure flexible kiosk browser. You can restrict access to 1 or more websites. You can start Netkiosk in tabbed browser mode or full screen display kiosk mode. With a secure admin panel you can control user settings such as the built-in white list, content filters, user interface, and many more. Netkiosk Standard is touch screen compatible with flexible OSK options.


Download file size: 2 mb. (1756 kb)
Windows XP (SP3), NT, Windows 7, 8, and 10.
System Requirements.

Netkiosk imperi (Chrome Kiosk)


With Chrome Kiosk you can instantly lock down your PCs and run Google Chrome in secure flexible kiosk mode. Netkiosk imperi has been specially designed to run Google Chrome in a secure kiosk mode. Via a secure admin panel you can restrict website access with a built-in white list filter.  Although Chrome can run in kiosk mode by default it does not give you options to secure the settings or lock down your windows devices. This is where Netkiosk imperi will benefit you.

Download file: 10 mb. (9874 kb)
Windows XP (SP3), NT, Windows 7, 8, and 10.
System Requirements.

Netkiosk DTL


If you not only want to restrict website access but also want to give access to specific programs then Netkiosk Desktop Lock might be ideal for you. With Netkiosk Desktop Lock down you can give access to 1 or more programs and block access to all other programs. You can also give access to a secure Netkiosk kiosk Browser. In addition you have the choice to control Windows popup menus, block access to external program folders and control keyboard short cuts.

Download file: 6 mb. (6028 kb) 
Windows XP (SP3), NT, Windows 7, 8, and 10.
System Requirements.

What can I do with Netkiosk Kiosk Software?

You have a PC, laptop or Tablet and only want to give access to one or more websites? Then look no further.
Netkiosk is especially designed to run your website(s) in a custom Netkiosk full screen kiosk browser, or in Google Chrome kiosk mode.
Netkiosk has built-in lock down features to stop users from gaining access to other areas of the PC, and to stop users from tampering with the system.
As administrator you can configure Netkiosk via a secure admin panel and restrict website and folder access, as well as change the layout and user interaction features.
Content filters, as well as other useful kiosk lockdown features are directly integrated in each version, and you can use each feature to suit your needs.

Secure your PC(s) for kiosk access in minutes.

Each Netkiosk kiosk application runs as a stand-alone program on top of Microsoft Windows without affecting the system integrity.
Anyone with basic IT skills can install and configure Netkiosk.
A simple configuration allows for quick deployment on multiple PCs.
This gives you the power to turn several PCs into secure kiosk systems in minutes.
You can use a Netkiosk kiosk application on any Microsoft Windows powered device, and in any location. From Microsoft Windows XP SP3 to Windows 10.
We have designed 3 individual programs to suit any possible kiosk environment.
To give you optimum choice we give you all Netkiosk versions. You simply use the version that best suits your needs.

Advanced kiosk setup for Windows 10.

Set up a kiosk or digital signage on Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, or Education. Official Microsoft website.
For kiosks that run more than one more app, see Create a Windows 10 kiosk that runs multiple apps.
You can restrict users to a specific set of apps on a device running Windows 10 Enterprise or Windows 10 Education by using AppLocker (Official Microsoft Website)

Be part of the Netkiosk success story.

US Government Departments and many other organisations around the world put their trust in Netkiosk.
Some of our recent corporate customers include SMBC Bank Tokyo Japan and the Marks & Spencer Stores in the UAE.
A custom version of Netkiosk was successfully deployed at the 2015 Spanish national Elections on 4000 devices to control voter registration.
After a successful Spanish campaign on the 11th of February 2016 Netkiosk signed a 5 year agreement with Scytl (Spain).
Another unique custom Netkiosk version was successfully used on the 7th of June 2018 at the Ontario Elections (Canada) on around 25000 devices.
Netkiosk works just as well on just 1 PC.

Turn all your PCs into kiosk PCs for just $59.99

3 Netkiosk versions for a one-Time payment of just $59,99 ($29.99 Edu.). And you also own the software.

  • How much does Netkiosk Freedom cost?
    Netkiosk Freedom is currently just $59.99 and $29.99 for Education.
    For a simple a one-time payment you will own the software.
    There are no extra costs and no hidden extra charges
    General Netkiosk terms and conditions apply.
  • Do you charge for licenses? No we don’t. 
    You never have to pay for individual licenses.
    No matter on how many PCs you install Netkiosk you only pay 1 simple price.
    No crazy complicated monthly plans. No yearly renewals. And all backed by our solid quality support.
  • On how many PC’s can I install one copy of Netkiosk?
    You can install any Netkiosk version on as many PCs, or other Windows devices, as you want.
    You’ll own the program so you don’t need any individual licenses.
    You don’t need any license codes. Each version is fully licensed.
    This is just one of the reasons we call this Netkiosk Freedom.
  • How do I access my copies?
    When you buy Netkiosk Freedom you have instant access to all fully licensed Netkiosk versions.
    Via your free Netkiosk account you can access, and download all Netkiosk versions at any time.
    You can copy each version to your backup devices or simply download.
  • Why do we not charge for licenses?
    We generate revenue via special customization for our larger corporate customers. This allows us to offer you Netkiosk at these low prices.
    Not having to deal with the usual license issues allows us to focus on what we love most, and that is to make Netkiosk better.
  • Do you have a refund policy?
    A refund policy for downloadable software? Yes, as crazy as it may sound we do.
    Even after you have bought Netkiosk you might still comes across some issues that did not show up at the start, or while you were using the trial version. 
    And while we'll do our very best to fix some of these issues for you we simply can't please everyone. We therefore offer a full, no questions asked, 30 days refund.
    We will continue to work hard to make sure that Netkiosk works for you, and others.

Netkiosk Freedom Versions.

With Netkiosk Freedom you get 3 individual Netkiosk programs. Simply use the one that best fits your needs.

Netkiosk Standard

Netkiosk imperi (Chrome Kiosk)

Netkiosk Desktop Lock

Netkiosk Standard 2018

Netkiosk imperi (Chrome Kiosk)

Netkiosk Desktop Lock

Buy Netkiosk Freedom today.

Instant access to all versions. Install on any number of PCs. Simple 3 step checkout.

Netkiosk testimonials

Just some feedback from some of our customers.

NETKIOSK CONTINUES TO RUN LIKE A CHAMP! SUPPORT IS A1. Jon McCormick: Computer Support Manager, Illinois Government Government Administration, 10,001+ employees Employees. Using Netkiosk for more than 3 years across the state. Pros: reliability. Cons: none.Jon McCormickComputer Support Manager, Illinois Government Government Administration
EXCELLENT KIOSK SOFTWARE. Comments: I used the trial version and tested it out. Not only was it faster but was much easier to install than our current software, I also worked with the Netkiosk Team getting the customizations done. The licensing is very easy to purchase and manage. Overall extremely happy with the software. George Kircher: Systems Administrator, Performance Bicycle Retail. 1001-5000 employees. Using Netkiosk for more than 2 years. Pros: Easy to use easy to deploy. Cons: Nothing so farGeorge KircherSystems Administrator, Performance Bicycle Retail
GREAT PERSONAL SERVICE AND SUPPORT. Comments: NetKiosk Kiosk software is extremely easy to set up and the developer takes time to work with you on any issue that rarely comes up. They worked with us on the fly to make some adjustments to fit our particular computer programs and hardware. Very thoughtful and is working on many different platforms that our retailers run on. Shannon Delaney: Director of Marketing. Daniels Amish Collection. Using Netkiosk for more than 2 years.Shannon DelaneyDirector of Marketing, Daniels Amish Collection

About Us.

Netkiosk has provided Governments, Businesses and Education with our trusted kiosk software solutions since 2011.

At Netkiosk we specialize in security and kiosk software solutions. Our customers include Government Departments, Corporations, Education and other organisations, large and small. Netkiosk was founded in 2011 with the aim to offer reliable, flexible and affordable kiosk software with the core philosophy to make Netkiosk the best possible Kiosk Software platform via constant improvements and clever innovations. Since then direct input and feedback from our customers has helped Netkiosk to become one of the most popular and trusted kiosk software solutions around the world. While knowing that Netkiosk works for our customers and their users gives us satisfaction, it helps us to keep Netkiosk current and reliable and ensures that Netkiosk will work in any possible kiosk environment. Creating a win-win solution for everyone.

We know all too well that to secure your PCs for public or staff access is not always that straight forward. We hope that with Netkiosk we can save you valuable time, and make your work a little less stressful. 

If you want to lock down your Windows 7 or Windows 10 PCs for public kiosk mode access you may find that this is not always straightforward. For the past 7 years we have dedicated ourselves to making the best possible kiosk software that is not just powerful, but also easy to use. We focused on keeping the installation file size as small as possible to allow for easy duplication onto multiple PCs. This meant that we had to integrate the key lock down features directly inside the program, with the ability for the administrator to turn the PCs kiosk mode instantly on or off simply by closing Netkiosk from within the secure admin panel. Besides this we added a custom white list and content filter as well as the ability to run the program in full screen display kiosk with on touch screen keyboard capabilities, and various other kiosk mode options. We created several individual programs to keep the installation and configuration as simple as possible. Each Netkiosk kiosk application has built-in instant secure PC kiosk lock down features. Simply install a different Netkiosk version if your requirements change. Admin can instantly unlock the Netkiosk kiosk application to show the Microsoft Windows desktop. All Netkiosk applications are designed for quick deployment on multiple PCs. Your Microsoft Windows and system integrity are not affected. With a Netkiosk kiosk application you keep full control over your PC. If you find that our current kiosk software versions do not meet your requirements, we can build custom kiosk software for you. Please feel free to contact us for a friendly chat.

We respect your Privacy 100%. 

Any information you enter when you create a free Netkiosk is account is only used to verify who you are. When you decide to purchase Netkiosk no personal data is stored by us or our payment processor. Will never give, or sell your personal or company data to anyone else. We will never e-mail or call you unless requested by you.