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Netkiosk Kiosk Software allows you to restrict web browsing and pc access in minutes and lets you easily lock down your public or office PC's, and secure the operating systemNetkiosk has been designed to be simple, flexible, yet powerful Kiosk Software, and most of all, Netkiosk leaves you in control. We regularly work closely with our customers, who often provide accurate feedback and suggestions for updates or fixes they need. We'll then immediately add these features and updates, which are then validated by the customer, and which in the majority of cases benefits other Netkiosk customers. Having direct customer input allows us to offer Netkiosk at a fraction of the cost of similar, often more expensive, kiosk software, without reducing the quality and security aspects of Netkiosk. All this has helped Netkiosk become one of the most popular Kiosk Software solutions in just a few years. All we ask you is to simply try Netkiosk yourself and see if it can benefit your organisation.

 Which Netkiosk version is best for me?

Netkiosk Standard (More info)
Netkiosk Standard allows you to securely lock down your Windows devices and give users access to the secure flexible Netkiosk kiosk browser. You also have the option to run Google Chrome in secure flexible kiosk mode directly inside Netkiosk. 
You can set which websites your users can access in Netkiosk admin panel as well as many other options. You can give users access to a number of fixed bookmarks and change the layout of Netkiosk from tabbed browser mode to information kiosk mode instantly. This makes Netkiosk suitable for use in virtually any kiosk environment. When Netkiosk Standard runs users cannot access restricted parts of the PC. Secure PC settings such as task manager, Windows keys, Ctr+Esc and others are automatically blocked by Netkiosk. In addition you can disable the Ctrl+Alt+Del menu options using Netkiosk Advanced Configuration, which is included free with Netkiosk. The latest version of Netkiosk uses a simple secure ini file. Netkiosk Standard does not allow a user to open programs or other web browsers such as IE, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari, and you can block Google Chrome also. If you have Windows 8 or 10 professional, Enterprise or Education you can run Netkiosk Standard in assigned access.

Netkiosk Standard (Non kiosk version) (More info)
If you simply want to restrict website access and at the same time stop users opening other web browsers but not fully lock down your Windows device then you can use Netkiosk Secure browser. Netkiosk Secure browser allows you to give access to a number of websites only, and you have the option to run Google Chrome in secure browser mode where you can also restrict which website users have access to. Users can not open Chrome settings, downloads, Chrome extension or history, and you can control all this via the secure admin panel. A feature currently not available directly in Google Chrome. This makes Netkiosk Secure browser ideal in an Education of Office environment or any location where you want to restrict web browsing. Netkiosk Standard Secure Browser is more than just a website filter. Users can not close Netkiosk Secure Browser and task manager is automatically disabled while Netkiosk runs. Access to other web browsers such as IE, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari is also automatically blocked when you run Netkiosk Secure Browser. This stops users bypassing the secure settings and still open websites you do not want them to access via other browsers. Netkiosk Secure Browser has its own admin panel.

Netkiosk Desktop Lock (More info)
With Netkiosk Desktop Lock you can instantly lock down your devices in secure kiosk mode and give access to only a few programs. Netkiosk Desktop Lock automatically blocks access to all other programs via a built-in custom process manager. You can also give access to Netkiosk Secure Brower directly from within Netkiosk Desktop Lock. Users can close Netkiosk secure browser and open programs you have allowed but they cannot open other web browsers.  If you have Windows 8 or 10 professional, Enterprise or Education you can run Netkiosk Desktop Lock in assigned access. Netkiosk Secure Browser is included free with Netkiosk Desktop Lock.

 Secure and lock down your Windows devices in minutes.
With Netkiosk you can easily lock down and secure your PC's, laptops, tablets, touch screens or information kiosks. You then have multiple options to decide how you want to start Netkiosk. You can start Netkiosk Standard in tabbed browser, info kiosk mode, all depending on where and how you want to use Netkiosk. You can control user access via the flexible, secure, and easy to configure kiosk browser You can change the look and layout of the Netkiosk user interface and control website access via the built-in white list and content filters. Furthermore you can start Google Chrome in secure flexible kiosk mode. And you can control which programs users can access with Netkiosk Desktop LockNetkiosk has a secure and easy to control admin panel, and when you close Netkiosk via admin panel your PC is instantly unlocked. We work hard to keep the configuration simple and to let you keep total control. Users cannot access restricted areas of the PC and you can start Netkiosk in shell mode or control your Windows kiosk user account with Netkiosk Advanced Configuration.

Netkiosk and Windows 8 and 10 assigned access kiosk mode. (More info - Microsoft website)
Microsoft Windows only allows you to configure assigned access in windows 8 and 10 Professional, Enterprise and Education only. You can then start Netkiosk Standard and Netkiosk Secure kiosk browser in assigned access, and if you use Netkiosk Desktop Lock you can run multiple programs in assigned access at the same time. You can start all Netkiosk versions in shell mode in assigned access.

Where can I use Netkiosk?
Netkiosk is designed to suit small, medium and large businesses and works in virtually any kiosk environment, whether you need to secure public kiosks or staff PC's. With Netkiosk you can lock down and secure customer kiosks in shops banks or public building, Library PC's, Information kiosk, Staff PC's, visitor PC's and more.

 Why should I try Netkiosk?
All Netkiosk versions are under 5mb in size and can be installed (or uninstalled) in just a few minutes. Netkiosk runs in compact form and installation does not affect your main Windows admin account or other PC settings. If, and while testing Netkiosk, you need help we'll do our best to make sure Netkiosk suits your needs and requirements. We will assist you with the configuration of Netkiosk, and your PC's free of charge. We offer totally free support via e-mail, Skype, telephone or remote assistance. (Before, and after purchase). Netkiosk has been in daily use by Government Departments, Businesses and Education around the world, since 2011.  See some of the happy Netkiosk customers.

 Why should I buy Netkiosk?
Netkiosk has helped thousands of organisations reduce IT maintenance and improve efficiency and IT security and Netkiosk has provided many organisations with a long term reliable and affordable kiosk software and security solution. Netkiosk has helped customers solve problems that were previously, either not available, or difficult and costly to achieve. We are proud to offer first class customer focussed support via e-mail, Skype, telephone or remote assistance. With our unique special customization we can tailor Netkiosk to suit your needs and requirements.  When you purchase Netkiosk licenses you will get not just regular updates, but also any new product releases that we add regularly. One of those is the option to write your own Add-on program that can communicate directly with Netkiosk (Available July/August 2017). This will allow you to integrate virtually any external program in Netkiosk which will give you even more options and control, and we provide the base code to get you started. But even more exiting news is that Netkiosk, thanks to Microsoft, will soon be available as a universal Windows App. Netkiosk is also one of the cheapest kiosk Software Solutions. 

Why is Netkiosk so cheap? 
We sell Netkiosk licenses to a lot of large corporations and Government Departments. This in turn allows us to keep the price low for everyone. It really is that simple! 

Our simple (per license) price comparison.
Netkiosk $19.99. Sitekiosk $200, Kioware $70.
Need we say more? 
 For developers. Help us make Netkiosk better. Contribute via Team Foundation Server.
We are opening Netkiosk to developers who would like to help us improve Netkiosk. We are sure your skills will be highly appreciated. We are starting with Netkiosk Standard (Non Kiosk), and then on to other Netkiosk versions. Please contact us to get you connected via Netkiosk Team Foundation Server project. 

 Get the entire Netkiosk Source Code.
We have supercharged Netkiosk. You can now purchase the entire source code for all Netkiosk versions. More information

“Internet misuse in the workplace costs American corporations more than $178 billion annually in lost productivity". - REUTERS. 
Netkiosk Standard (NON Kiosk version). Restrict web browsing with Google Chrome browsing control, and without the lock down features.
Give your users normal PC access and run Netkiosk (NON kiosk) to control Internet access.


 Reduce IT maintenance.  Increase staff productivity. Safe Internet Access for Students. Peace of mind. 
100% Free for Public Schools Anyone else just $4.99 

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  • Netkiosk - Trusted by Government and Business around the world.
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  • Netkiosk - Free support 24/7/365 - Customer
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Netkiosk Secure Browser is included free with Netkiosk Desktop Lock.
You will need to install Netkiosk Secure Browser separately if you want to use it with Netkiosk Desktop Lock.
Netkiosk Secure Browser is a reduced version of Netkiosk Standard and has its own secure admin panel.

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