Instantly lock down your PCs into secure flexible kiosk mode.
Restrict access to 1 or more websites in a secure full screen kiosk browser.
Built-in lock down features to stop users from tampering with the system.
Stop users from gaining access to other areas of the PC.
Stand-alone program for quick installation and instant lock down. No log off or re-start needed.
Designed for quick deployment on multiple PCs.
The Windows system integrity is not affected. You keep full control.
Secure admin panel and a simple configuration.
Only basic IT skills needed to configure Netkiosk.
Simple settings. Safe browsing. Wipe history. Customizable. Local or remote settings. Fully customizable.
Works on all Windows versions. From Windows XP SP3 to Windows 10.

Professional kiosk software for any location

With Netkiosk Standard Kiosk Software you can quickly lock down your PCs and run a secure flexible kiosk browser.
You can start Netkiosk Standard in full screen tabbed browser or full screen display kiosk browser.
You can configure Netkiosk Standard via the secure admin panel.
You can restrict website access via a flexible white list and content filter.
Netkiosk Standard is fully touch screen compatible.
You can give access to the custom Netkiosk OSK, or the Windows touch keyboard.
After Netkiosk has started users cannot close Netkiosk or access restricted areas of the PC.
Via the secure password protected admin panel the administrator can instantly close Netkiosk Standard.
The PC is then instantly unlocked showing the Microsoft Windows desktop, start menu and task bar.

Netkiosk Standard 2018
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Your peace of mind is our satisfaction.


Please read the install help page before, or after, you install Netkiosk.
Netkiosk works on all devices running Windows XP (Service Pack 3), Windows 7 ,8, and 10.
Netkiosk can be installed on PC’s, Laptops or Windows Tablets.

Minimum screen resolution for all Netkiosk versions: 1024 X 768

Netkiosk requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5
Windows XP. Windows 7. If the latest version of Microsoft .Net Framework is not installed on your PC you can download it direct from the Microsoft Website.
Windows 8 and 10 have .Net Framework 4.5 built-in. So no need to install.

MICROSOFT .NET FRAMEWORK 4.5 (Direct download links to Microsoft website)
If you have problems running Netkiosk please install Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 (FULL VERSION)

Adobe Acrobat Reader
and Flash Player Optional)

You need to make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed if you want to allow proper access to PDF files and your Flash player is up to date.
Note: Please make sure that you do not install, and try to run, each Netkiosk version on the same PC, at the same time.


US and other government departments as well as many other organisations around the world put their trust in Netkiosk.
Some of our recent corporate customers include SMBC Bank Tokyo Japan and the Marks & Spencer Stores in the UAE.
Spanish National Elections. 20th December 2015 : Custom Netkiosk version deployed on 4000 devices.
Elections Ontario Canada. 7th June 2018: Custom Netkiosk version deployed on 25000 devices.
Netkiosk works just as well on just 1 PC.

You can't put a price on peace of mind.
Trusted by many since 2011.
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Trusted by many since 2011. Government departments, Businesses and Education put their trust in Netkiosk.

Jon McCormick: Computer Support Manager, Illinois Government Government Administration, 10,001+ employees Employees.
Using Netkiosk for more than 4 years across the state.
Pros: reliability. Cons: none.

Netkiosk testimonials.
Jon McCormick. Computer Support Manager. Illinois Government Government Administration

I worked with the Netkiosk Team getting the customizations done. Overall extremely happy with the software.
George Kircher: Systems Administrator, Performance Bicycle Retail. 1001-5000 employees. Using Netkiosk for more than 2 years.
Pros: Easy to use easy to deploy. Cons: Nothing so far

Netkiosk testimonials.
George Kircher. Systems Administrator. Performance Bicycle Retail

Comments: NetKiosk Kiosk software is extremely easy to set up and the developer takes time to work with you on any issue that rarely comes up.
They worked with us on the fly to make some adjustments to fit our particular computer programs and hardware.
Very thoughtful and is working on many different platforms that our retailers run on.
Using Netkiosk for more than 2 years.

Netkiosk testimonials.
Shannon Delaney. Director of Marketing. Daniels Amish Collection.
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At Netkiosk we specialize in security and kiosk software solutions.
Our customers include Government Departments, Corporations, Education and other organisations, large and small.
Netkiosk was founded in 2011 with the aim to offer reliable, flexible and affordable kiosk software.
Our core philosophy is to make Netkiosk the best possible Kiosk Software platform via constant improvements and clever innovations.
Since then direct input and feedback from our customers has helped Netkiosk to become one of the most popular and trusted kiosk software solutions around the world.
While knowing that Netkiosk works for our customers and their users gives us satisfaction, it helps us to keep Netkiosk current and reliable and ensures that Netkiosk will work in any possible kiosk environment. We hope this creates a win-win solution for everyone.

About Us.
We respect your Privacy 100%.
We never share your personal or company information with a third party.