Instantly use the fully licensed version of Netkiosk Standard free for 14 days.
Unlike some software programs there are no trial limitations.
You can install Netkiosk Standard on multiple devices immediately.
No payment. No credit card details. No registration. No questions asked.
Simply download, install and configure Netkiosk for your users.
If after 14 days you are happy to continue to use Netkiosk you simply purchase the number of license you need, or get an monthly subscription.
Any licenses or subscription only start from the time you purchase.
This means that you can use Netkiosk totally free for the first 14 days.
If after that you no longer wish to use Netkiosk you simply un-install.
Although we hope you like Netkiosk and will continue to use it.
It’s as simple as that.





Lock down your PCs and restrict Program and/or Website access.


Lock down your PCs and run Google Chrome in secure Flexible Kiosk mode.

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All downloads are via our secure Geotrust SSL secured website.


Please read the install help page before, or after, you install Netkiosk.
Netkiosk works on all devices running Windows XP (Service Pack 3), Windows 7 ,8,  and 10.
Netkiosk can be installed on PC’s, Laptops or Windows Tablets.

Netkiosk requires Microsoft Netframework 4 or 4.5
MICROSOFT NETFRAMEWORK 4.0 (Direct download links to Microsoft website)
If you have problems running Netkiosk please install Microsoft Netframework 4.5 (FULL VERSION)

Netkiosk Standard requires MysqlConnector.
This should install by default during installation.
Or you can download it separately here Download MySqlConnector.

Adobe Acrobat Reader and Flash Player  (Optional)
You need to make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed if you want to allow proper access to PDF files and your Flash player is up to date.
Note: Please make sure that you do not install, and try to run, each Netkiosk version on the same PC, at the same time.

Netkiosk Standard requires an active internet connection.
Netkiosk licenses are not installed on the PC.
We use a remote license and subscription monitoring system.
Changing the PC clock will have no effect.
Netkiosk does not add license keys to the registry.

The important fine print. (Apply to Netkiosk Standard only)
We use a remote license and subscription monitoring system.
You need an active internet connection to use Netkiosk.
If you continue to use Netkiosk after 30 days without valid licenses, or a valid subscription Netkiosk will display a small “warning” banner at the bottom of the page.
If you choose to ignore us, and continue to use Netkiosk without valid licenses or a valid subscription, we will disable Netkiosk on your PCs. Fair is fair?