Netkiosk Desktop Lock


Netkiosk Desktop Lock

With Netkiosk Desktop Lock you can instantly lock down your devices in secure kiosk mode and give access to only a few programs.

Netkiosk Desktop Lock automatically blocks access to all other programs via a built-in custom process manager. 

Restrict access to one or more programs and automatically block access to all other programs. 

Give access to Netkiosk Secure Browser directly from within Netkiosk Desktop Lock (Included Free).

Block web browsers such as IE, Edge (Windows 10), Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Flexible and secure admin panel. 

Give access to the Windows tabtip or normal Windows OSK. You can change the Desktop background image to your own corporate image.


You get 3 version in 1 package.

Netkiosk Desktop Lock 2015, 2016 and the Tray version. As well as Netkiosk Secure Browser (A reduced version of Netkiosk Standard).


Free support with the setup and configuration during the trial version and beyond.

Configuring your PC to restrict program access while at the same time locking down the system can sometimes be a little difficult to accomplish. 

Although Netkiosk works on all Windows versions, different Windows versions sometimes require a different setup.

We offer free assistance with the setup and configuration of Netkiosk on your PC’s via e-mail, telephone, or remote assistance.

This can help you save time when testing Netkiosk. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to get Netkiosk working for you.



A Netkiosk Desktop Lock 2016 versus Netkiosk Desktop Lock 2015.

(2016 version released the 9th August 2016)

Now more powerful and easier to configure and more user-friendly. 90% automated.

What’s changed? 

Start a program from Windows explorer just as you normally would. Open Admin Panel and add this program to the Allowed Programs list. 

When the program has started a shortcut is automatically  added to the Netkiosk task bar. 

Each time Netkiosk Desktop Lock Starts it will automatically start the programs added to your start list. 

Netkiosk will allow only the programs you have allowed and block all other program access. 

Users can minimize a program or start the program from the Netkiosk Task Bar. 

Netkiosk adds the program icons automatically. Give users access to Windows Explorer, Folder access, Control Panel or Desktop icons.






A brand new addition to Netkiosk Desktop Lock. Netkiosk Desktop Lock (Tray Version)
Simple and instant control without the need for any system, registry or group policy changes.
Just 8mb in size and with minimal installation requirements for speed and ease of use.

You do not need to buy separate Netkiosk Desktop Lock versions.
Netkiosk Desktop Lock includes all 3 version. We hope this give you more choice and control.
You can use whichever version you prefer.
And you can use Netkiosk Secure Browser alongside either Netkiosk Desktop Lock version.

When you install the trial both versions are installed in the install folder C:Program Files\Netkiosk Desktop Lock.
The start menu and desktop shortcut is called “NetkioskDesktopLockTrayVersion“, as it runs in the system tray.

Netkiosk Desktop Lock VIDEO (Tray Version) (View Video)




Also included free with Netkiosk Desktop Lock. You can use whichever version you prefer.




Can be used directly inside Netkiosk Desktop Lock. (included free)

Netkiosk Secure Browser is the non-kiosk version of Netkiosk Standard.

Users can close Netkiosk Secure Browser while using Netkiosk Desktop Lock.

If you also want to allow access to some websites you can simply use Netkiosk Secure Browser, give access to 1 or more websites and block IE, Edge, Chrome, Opera, Firefox.

You can run Netkiosk Secure Browser inside Netkiosk Desktop Lock, or standalone.

After you have installed Netkiosk Desktop Lock you will need to install Netkiosk Secure Browser separately.

You will find a shortcut to the installation program on the Desktop or in the installation folder of Netkiosk Desktop Lock (C:Program Files\Netkiosk Desktop Lock).




You can run Netkiosk Secure Browser Standalone.






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