Netkiosk Parva is the brand new Android kiosk App from the makers of Netkiosk.
With Netkiosk Parva you can secure your Android devices and control which websites users can access.
Netkiosk Parva has a built-in, easy to manage, white list and black list filter.
Netkiosk Parva allows the admin to add custom bookmarks for quick navigation.
Netkiosk Parva has been designed to be a simple, flexible, yet powerful Kiosk App, and most of all, Netkiosk Parva leaves you in control.


A) This is the DEMO Version of Netkiosk Parva. )

B) The DEMO version is fully functional except that you can not change the default pin from 0000 to your own.

C) The PAID FOR allows you to change the admin pin to fully secure the settings.

D) The DEMO includes a full, easy to follow, step by step tutorial, with screenshots, inside the APP.

You can try Netkiosk Parva on any Android device. Phones or Tablets.
Netkiosk Parva works best on the latest Android versions. 5.0 and 6.0
All the lock down features are built inside Netkiosk Parva.
Access to other Apps will be blocked while Netkiosk Parva runs.
Access to the Android device security settings is also blocked, but only while Netkiosk Parva runs.
When you close Netkiosk Parva your Android Device is fully unlocked.

We hope that Netkiosk Parva will benefit you or your organisation.
Please do not hesitate to let us know if you would like to see some improvements or new features to Netkiosk Parva.
For more information about the team behind Netkiosk Parva please go to the About Us page


Netkiosk Parva does NOT access any private information from your device.

Netkiosk Parva does NOT collected any private information from your device.

Netkiosk Parva does NOT access any other private information from your device.

We respect your privacy.

We fully comply with the Google privacy policy for Android Apps.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


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