Netkiosk Desktop Lock

$ 54.99

Single license price.

Or $1.99 a month per PC via monthly subscription.

10+ Licenses. $39.99 Per License. (27% discount)

20+ Licenses. $34.99 Per License. (36% discount)

40+ Licenses. $29.99 Per License. (45% discount)

Please contact us for other volume discounts.

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Netkiosk Desktop Lock + Netkiosk Secure Browser.

Netkiosk Desktop Lock is a complete kiosk lock down solution all within one easy to manage compact program.

What can I do with Netkiosk Desktop Lock?

  1. Lock down and secure your PCs.
  2. Prevent users from accessing restricted areas of the PC.
  3. Give access to 1 or more programs.
  4. Block access to all other programs.
  5. Only give access to up to 10 folders. (Local or Network)
  6. Block all other folder access.
  7. Block Windows popup menus (Print, Settings etc)
  8. Block access to external program folders.
  9. Give access to the secure Netkiosk Browser.
  10. Secure and fully customizable Kiosk Browser.
  11. Block web browsers such as IE, Edge (Windows 10), Chrome, Firefox and Opera.
  12. Admin can block access to other web browsers.
  13. Built-in white list and content filters.
  14. Customizable Theme.
  15. Instantly unlock your PCs for full admin access. (Admin only)
  16. Compatible with All Windows versions From XP to Windows 10.

On what systems can I use Netkiosk Desktop Lock?

  1. All Windows Devices.
  2. PCs, Windows Tablets, Touch Screens, Display Kiosks
  3. All Windows Versions.
  4. From 1 to 10000 devices.

Where can I use Netkiosk?

  1. Staff or Public access PCs.
  2. Public information kiosk PCs.
  3. Public display kiosks
  4. Company PCs / Public Access, PCs / Student PCs.

Why use Netkiosk Desktop Lock?

  1. Designed with simplicity in mind.
  2. Installs in 1 minute. (Uninstalls in 30 seconds ūüôĀ )
  3. Ready to use in 5 minutes.
  4. Simple Configuration. You keep total control.
  5. Quick to deploy on multiple systems.
  6. Save valuable time and money.
  7. Peace of mind.
  8. Programs and folders are only blocked while Netkiosk runs.
  9. Netkiosk does NOT make any permanent changes to your system.
  10. All lock down and blocking features are directly built-in inside Netkiosk.
  11. As soon as you close Netkiosk (Via admin panel) your PC is fully unlocked.
  12. Trusted by Government, Business and Education around the world.
  13. See some of the happy Netkiosk customers.

What support do I get?

  1. Free support
  2. Via e-mail
  3. Via telephone¬† (We’ll call you Free of charge)
  4. Via remote assistance (Team viewer or similar)
  5. Questions? Need Help? Contact us.


Netkiosk Standard Kiosk Browser. (Built-in)


  1. Give access to the Secure Netkiosk Browser.
    (Allow users to close the Netkiosk Browser and access any allowed programs)
  2. Restrict web browsing to one or more sites.
  3. Built-in white list and content filters.
  4. Give access to a custom OSK or Windows OSK
  5. Customizable layout and user interface.
  6. Secure, and easy to use, admin panel.
  7. Simple Configuration. You keep total control.

Why is Netkiosk Desktop Lock so effective.?
As admin you can simply decide to which programs users have access.
At the same time you can also restrict access to folders, program menus and websites. (in the Browser Admin Panel)

Imagine the worst case scenario.
Even with your Antivirus, Windows Defender etc running at full speed you are never 100% guaranteed of peace of mind as some of these clever malware programs might slip through the antivirus Net. And then, of course, decent Anti virus programs will scan ¬†any program before it is allowed to run. But what if some clever code in this virus or malware is not detected by the Antivirus program? This is where Netkiosk comes into play. In the worst case scenario that a user might manage to download a virus or program onto the PC and it is still not detected by the Antivirus program Netkiosk will simply see this as a program that is not allowed by admin. Even if this program is a virus or malware it simply won’t be executed as the process that is part or the program is simply not allowed to run.This simply means that a user cannot open any program exe that is not allowed by admin. This can greatly help in stopping virus programs or malware being run on the PC that for some reason where not detected by your Antivirus.

Block folder access.
Folder access is simply blocked and no data is changed.
This is NOT permanent and folders are only blocked while Netkiosk runs.

How does this work?
When a user tries to open a folder that you have not allowed in admin panel Netkiosk will detect this and simply won’t allow access to folder (or program menu.) And nothing else.
This is a simple and effective way to control PC access without making any changes to the system as all the control features are directly built-inside Netkiosk.
Netkiosk Desktop Lock has especially been designed to be a simple, Powerful, safe and effective solution whereby you, as admin, keep full control.

Free customization and free, any time, setup and configuration support.


Netkiosk includes the unique feature of free customization. We can customize any Netkiosk version to suit your needs and requirements. Although Netkiosk Desktop Lock can be used immediately, you may find that you might want a different setup or different options and layout. By adding extra features or options we can create a custom Netkiosk version for you. Free customization will depend on the number of licenses purchased, or the client level.

Free Support.

Netkiosk Forum Q & A

Free Support via e-mail , telephone or remote assistance.
¬†offer free assistance with the setup and configuration of Netkiosk on your PC’s via e-mail, telephone, or remote assistance. This can help you save time when testing Netkiosk. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to get Netkiosk working for you.



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