Netkiosk for Education (Buy 1, Get 4) (All Netkiosk Versions.)

$ 59.99

Each License covers 4 PCs.

The Price listed is for 4 individual Education licenses.
You can either buy individual licenses or get a flexible monthly subscription.

See the Monthly subscription prices and options below.

4 PC Licenses = $59.99 ($14.99 per license when you purchase 1 Education license.

16 PC Licenses = $159.91 (33% discount) ($9.99 per license when you buy 4 Education licenses.

32 PC Licenses = $239.96 (50% discount) ($7.49 per license when you buy 8 Education Licenses.

64 PC Licenses = $319.53 (66% discount) ($4.99 per license when you buy 16 Education Licenses.)


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Product Description

Instantly use the fully licensed version of Netkiosk Standard free for 14 days.
Unlike some software programs there are no trial limitations.
You can install Netkiosk Standard on multiple devices immediately.
No payment. No credit card details. No registration. No questions asked.
Simply download, install and configure Netkiosk for your users.
If after 14 days you are happy to continue to use Netkiosk you simply purchase the number of license you need, or get an monthly subscription.
Any licenses or subscription only start from the time you purchase.


At Netkiosk we support Education around the world.

Who can purchase Netkiosk for Education Licenses?
A Netkiosk for Education license is, as you can guess, only for Educational institutions.
Netkiosk for Education licenses are available for schools, second and third level Education only.

How do I to get Netkiosk Education Licenses?
You can purchase Netkiosk Education licenses instantly.
We know life is complicated enough, so we like to keep things simple.
Simple buy 1 one more Netkiosk licenses and we’ll add another 3 licenses for each license you buy.
So for every Netkiosk license you buy you will receive 4 Netkiosk for Education Licenses.
Or as we call it. “Buy 1, Get 4”.

A simple verification.  And you are good to go.
The additional licensed downloads will be added to your Netkiosk account after we have done a quick check to see you are genuinely purchasing Netkiosk for Education. No lengthy paper work needed. And we’ll assist you along the way with installation, configuration and other questions you may have.

All Netkiosk licenses, except for the subscription model are yearly renewable.

Netkiosk Desktop Lock + Netkiosk Standard Secure Kiosk Browser.

Netkiosk Desktop Lock is a complete kiosk lock down solution all within one easy to manage compact program.
Lock down your device(s) instantly and give access to a number of programs and/or the secure Netkiosk Standard Kiosk Browser.
If you only want to give access to websites you can simply disable program access and auto start Netkiosk Standard “Kiosk Browser” in full screen Tabbed Browser or info Kiosk mode.

What can I do with Netkiosk
Netkiosk is special kiosk software that you can use to lock down your companies PC’s or public access kiosk PCs and control which websites or programs users can access. Netkiosk has been designed to be simple, flexible, yet powerful Kiosk Software, and most of all, Netkiosk leaves you in control.

Where can I use Netkiosk?
Netkiosk is designed with flexibility in mind and can be used by any business in any location. From 1 to 10000 devices. Lock down and secure company PCs or public access kiosks in shops, factory floor, office staff access, business visitor access, library users , student access or anywhere else where you want to restrict website access to your users.

Netkiosk Desktop Lock Features.


  1. Lock down your devices in secure kiosk mode.
  2. Compatible with All Windows versions From XP to Windows 10
  3. Office PCs, Public information Kiosks, Windows Tablets, Touch Screens.
  4. Secure and fully customizable Kiosk Browser.
  5. Restrict access to one or more programs.
  6. Give access to selected folders.
  7. Block access to all other programs.
  8. Block access to external Program menus
  9. Block web browsers such as IE, Edge (Windows 10), Chrome, Firefox and Opera. 
  10. Flexible and secure admin panel. 
  11. Give access to the Windows OSK, the Netkiosk OSK or your own OSK.
  12. Customizable Theme.
  13. Secure Admin Panel.
  14. Prevent users from accessing restricted areas of the PC.
  15. When you (Admin) close Netkiosk via admin Panel the PC is instantly unlocked.
  16. Netkiosk is designed to suit all kiosk environments.
  17. Further secure your PCs using Netkiosk Advanced Configuration. (Included) Multiple user access options.

Netkiosk Standard Kiosk Browser. (Built-in)

Netkiosk Standard Kiosk Browser. (Stand-alone Version) is included Free.


  1. Start Netkiosk Netkiosk Browser in full screen tabbed browser mode.
  2. Start Netkiosk Browser in full screen information kiosk mode.
  3. Give access to Netkiosk Browser in Normal mode
    (Allow users to close the Netkiosk Browser and access any allowed programs)
  4. Restrict web browsing to one or more sites.
  5. Built-in white list and content filters.
  6. Give access to a custom OSK or Windows OSK
  7. Customizable layout and user interface.
  8. Secure, and easy to use, admin panel.
  9. Simple Configuration. You keep total control.

Free Support.

Netkiosk Forum Q & A

Free Support via e-mail , telephone or remote assistance.
 offer free assistance with the setup and configuration of Netkiosk on your PC’s via e-mail, telephone, or remote assistance.
Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to get Netkiosk working for you.