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Product Description

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*Netkiosk Parva. Your Kiosk Browser Lockdown App made Simple! For Home/Business.
* Android Security made Simple!


Netkiosk Parva is the brand new Kiosk lockdown App with built-in secure kiosk browser from the makers of Netkiosk. You can use Netkiosk Parva at home to stop your kids opening unsafe websites, or mess with your phone. Or you can instantly turn your business or public kiosk android device into a dedicated kiosk device and restrict website access. Admin can instantly turn Kiosk mode ON or OFF or close Netkiosk. When kiosk mode is ON users cannot open other Apps or access restricted areas of the device*. Netkiosk offers you Kiosk power at the click of a button.


Features and options.

1) Instantly turn kiosk mode ON or OFF using a simple Admin Pin.
2) Set which websites users can access via the white list and black list filter.
4) Give access to custom bookmarks. (White listed)
5) Protects your device. Users cannot open other Apps when kiosk mode is set to ON.
6) Protects and secures your privacy. Users have no access to any private data on your device.


We value and respect your privacy.
Netkiosk Parva does NOT access, or collect any private information from your device.

NO In App Advertising. There are NO annoying ads in the Lite version.
Simply download the Lite version, try it, and if you like it, buy the full version.
Easy to configure: The Lite version has a built-in tutorial with screenshots.


Lite versus full version. (There is just 1)
The default pin is 0000. In the Lite version anyone can access and change the settings.

Instantly change the admin pin to fully secure the settings. No licenses codes needed. We like to keep things simple for you.



Download the DEMO version of Netkiosk Parva from Google Play



The Demo version is identical to the licensed version with the only difference that changing the admin pin is disabled. The Demo has a built-in tutorial with step by step screenshots.
You can change the homepage, test the white and black list filters, set bookmarks or set Netkiosk as your home App, and enable kiosk mode.Changing the default pin from 0000 to your own is disabled in the Demo.
In the Demo anyone can access and change the settings , or close Netkiosk.


Buying the fully licensed Version.
Buy the fully working version of Netkiosk Parva and enable changing of the admin pin to fully secure the settings.
You can instantly use the fully working version of Netkiosk Parva. No licenses codes needed.
We like to keep things simple for you. You can buy the licensed version direct from Google Play for $10.99 or here via our website for $7.99

What’s coming in January 2017?
We will be releasing updates that will allow you to give access to 1 or more Apps as well as the kiosk browser.
Or you can give access to a few apps only and block web browsing. We will also be adding other languages. (German, French, Spanish, Arabic, etc)

We hope that Netkiosk Parva will benefit you or your organisation.
Please do not hesitate to let us know if you would like to see some improvements or new features added to Netkiosk Parva.




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