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Multiple License discounts for 10+ is 10%

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Netkiosk Desktop Lock Admin Panel
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Netkiosk Perpetual versus Netkiosk yearly renewable license

Please contact us for volume discounts.


Netkiosk Perpetual License.

Includes either Netkiosk Standard, Netkiosk Desktop Lock or Netkiosk imperi.


  1. One-off payment. 
  2. You own the license.
  3. No yearly renewals.
  4. No version swap included.
  5. Limited support.
  6. No remote support included
  7. No Microsoft Windows support relating to Windows updates included.
  8. No customization included.
  9. Higher price.
  10. Limited volume discounts.
  11. Point 4,5,6 and 7 are variable, depending on the number of licenses purchased.
  12. Remote support can be purchased separately.
  13. Customization can be purchased separately
  14. Netkiosk Small, Medium, Large Business and Enterprise can be purchased with a perpetual license agreement. Please confirm your requirement on checkout and we’ll provide you with the appropriate license agreement. An additional, one-off, payment is required to convert your volume licenses to perpetual. The additional payment amount depends on the number of licenses purchased.



Netkiosk yearly renewable license.

Includes all Netkiosk versions. Netkiosk Standard, Netkiosk Desktop Lock and Netkiosk imperi.

Includes any future versions or Apps we release. Including everything below.

Including everything below. (1 to 11)


  1. Licenses are yearly renewable.
  2. Free anytime upgrades.
  3. Free version swap.
  4. Free 24/7/365 support.
  5. Free remote support.
  6. Free Windows Support relating to Windows updates.
  7. Free Windows Support relating to other Windows issues in connection with Netkiosk.
  8. Free customization.
  9. Each new version is included free of charge.
  10. Reduced fixed price to spread to cost over time.
  11. Higher volume discounts.
  12. Netkiosk yearly license renewals can be stopped, but the period between yearly licenses cannot be more than 2 months.
  13. Ones purchased a perpetual license cannot be changed to a yearly renewable.


What Can I Do With Netkiosk?

Netkiosk is special kiosk software that you can use to lock down your companies PC’s or public access kiosk PCs and control which websites or programs users can access. Netkiosk has been designed to be simple, flexible, yet powerful Kiosk Software, and most of all, Netkiosk leaves you in control.


Designed For All Kiosk Solutions.

Tabbed browser or information kiosk mode. Automatically clears all browser history on logout. Built-in content filters. Custom bookmark configuration. Change the look and layout to suit your needs and many more options.


Where Can I Use Netkiosk?

Netkiosk is designed with flexibility in mind and can be used by any business in any location. From 1 to 1000 devices. Lockdown and secure company PCs or public access kiosks in shops, factory floor, office staff access, business visitor access, library users , student access or anywhere else where you want to restrict website access to your users.


Quick And Simple Installation

All Netkiosk versions are quick and easy to install and configuration only takes a few minutes. Netkiosk does not make any major changes to your PC settings. All this saves valuable time. Download the Trial today.


No.1 for Innovation

Netkiosk was used at the December 2015 Spanish Elections on a few thousand devices, so we think it works ok. See Netkiosk in action in the video at 58 seconds.


Watch the Netkiosk Video

See what you can do with Netkiosk and how Netkiosk can give you peace of mind.

Multiple options to suit your own needs and requirements.
You can give users access to a number of fixed bookmarks and change the layout of Netkiosk from tabbed browser mode to information kiosk mode instantly.


  1. Secure and lock down your Windows devices in minutes.
  2. Users cannot close Netkiosk or access restricted areas of the PC.
  3. When you close Netkiosk via admin panel your PC is instantly unlocked.
  4. Netkiosk is designed to suit all kiosk environments.
  5. Run Netkiosk Standard in tabbed browser or information kiosk mode.
  6. Restrict web browsing.
  7. Run Google Chrome in a secure kiosk mode.
  8. Restrict Program access with Netkiosk Desktop Lock
  9. Built-in white list and content filters.
  10. Customizable layout and user interface.
  11. Secure, and easy to use, admin panel. Simple Configuration. You keep total control.
  12. Lock down and secure your PC’s using Netkiosk Advanced Configuration.
  13. Trusted by Government, Business and Education around the world. 
  14. See some of the happy Netkiosk customers.


If you have any questions, or need help with the setup or configuration, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Install help and instructions.
Please refer to the install help page for detailed configuration information and more screenshots.


Download a fully working trial from our download page






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