Netkiosk Kiosk Software Business Solutions.

You want unlimited licenses for your company? Introducing Netkiosk Freedom.

Netkiosk Single PC License

$62.49 €49,99 £44,99
  • Netkiosk Single PC License
  • What is included? Access and use all current and future Netkiosk versions.
  • Number of licenses? 1. This is a single PC License.
  • Is support included? Yes. Free e-mail, telephone or remote support is included.
  • Are updates included? Yes. Regular updates are included.
  • Are upgrades included? Yes. Free major upgrades for 1 year.
  • Can I request a customized version? Yes. Customization is available on request.
  • Are there any restrictions? No. No license restrictions. General Netkiosk terms and conditions apply.
  • What is the license duration? Forever. Non-renewable licenses. You own the Netkiosk licenses. Use the Netkiosk licenses for as long as you like.
  • Can I sell these licenses also to my customers? Yes.

Netkiosk Freedom. Unlimited (Monthly)

$29,99 €24,50 £19,99
  • Netkiosk Freedom Solution. (Pay Monthly)
  • What is included? Access and use all current Netkiosk Versions.
  • Number of licenses? No limits. Install Netkiosk on any number of PCs.
  • Is support included? Yes. Free e-mail support is included.
  • Are updates included? Yes. Regular updates are included.
  • Are upgrades included? No. Major upgrades are not included.
  • Can I request a customized version? Yes. Any customization is charged separately.
  • Are there any restrictions? No. No license restrictions. General Netkiosk terms and conditions apply.
  • What is the license duration? This is a monthly renewable package with unlimited licenses. To avoid any nasty increases the monthly renewal price of Netkiosk Freedom (Monthly) is fixed for a period of 1 year from date of purchase. And we'll work hard to keep it this low after that.
  • Can I sell these licenses also to my customers? Yes. Netkiosk Freedom allows re-sellers to earn extra income due to the low package cost.
  • Why is this so much cheaper?
  • To offer you the lowest possible price without compromise you get the latest Netkiosk versions but some options, the ones that you might not need, are not included. Extended support is not included. Free customization is not included. Although regular updates are included, major upgrades are not included. Netkiosk Freedom (Monthly) is also monthly renewable.

Netkiosk 2018 - 3 Versions. 1 Price.

Netkiosk 2018. A few FAQ's
  • Which Netkiosk versions are included?
  • All current Netkiosk versions are included. They are Netkiosk Standard 2018, Netkiosk imperi (Chrome Kiosk) and Netkiosk Desktop Lock.
  • I am a re-seller. How much can I charge my customers?
  • You set the individual license price you charge your customers. You negotiate your own prices and discounts with your customers.
  • I need a little bit of support. Will you help?
  • Of course. We offer free personal e-mail support. Extensive help pages are also available on our website. We update the help sections regularly.
  • Am I billed automatically?
  • Yes, but only with a monthly Netkiosk Freedom subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any time via your Netkiosk account. When your subscription is cancelled you must un-install Netkiosk from all your devices, and ask your customer to do the same.
  • The non-monthly Netkiosk Freedom package is an annual subscription. At the end of your yearly period we will contact you to see if you wish to continue to use Netkiosk Freedom, and if you do, then we'll invoice you separately. To avoid any nasty headaches the price is fixed for a period of 2 years from the date when you first purchased Netkiosk Freedom.
  • I still have some questions.
  • Please feel free to contact us and we'll answer any questions you may have.
  • Can I download a fully working trial?
  • Yes, of course, click the button below to be re-directed to the download page.

Trusted by Governments, Business and Education since 2011.


3 kiosk software programs.  1 simple Price. Unlimited licenses.
We like to keep things simple. Including licenses.

Unlimited licenses for your company for just $299,00 / €245,00 / £199,00.
Introducing Netkiosk Freedom.

Software licensing just became a whole lot simpler.
We build the software. You use it without any limitations.
The Netkiosk Freedom special introduction price is valid until the end of April 2018.
After that we might, or might not, keep it at this low level.
So don’t delay and buy Netkiosk Freedom today!


What can I do with Netkiosk?

With a Netkiosk kiosk app you can secure your PCs, and restrict user access within minutes.
Via secure admin panels you can control website or program access.
A Netkiosk kiosk app runs on top of Microsoft Windows with built-in kiosk lock down features.
A simple configuration allows for quick deployment on multiple PCs.
A Netkiosk kiosk app turns any PC into a secure kiosk system in minutes.


Netkiosk Standard - Detailed information


Netkiosk Desktop Lock- Detailed information

Chrome Kiosk mode - Detailed information.


Where can I use a Netkiosk kiosk App?

You can use the Netkiosk kiosk app on any Microsoft Windows powered device, and in any location.
From Microsoft Windows XP SP3 to Windows 10.

Real Netkiosk reviews, from real Netkiosk customers.

Comments: Our kiosk computer updated to windows 10 anniversary, but we have no problem getting help with the software live 24/7 support to get us back up and running again. Thank you so much Aime!! Pros: Reliable and easy configuration settings Cons: Nothing so far that I dislike about the software. Recommendations to other buyers: The software is very effective with windows 10 and very secure for our customer access.

Great live 24/7 Support

Joe Xaythavone Desktop Support/Help Desk Cash Factory USA Information Technology and Services, 11-50 employees. Using Netkiosk for more than 2 years.
Comments: We have used Netkiosk for the past two years on around 50 units across the state. Netkiosk continues to run like a champ! Support is A1. Pros: reliability Cons: none.

Netkiosk continues to run like a champ!

Jon McCormick: Computer Support Manager, Illinois Government Administration, 10,001+ employees Employees. Using Netkiosk for more than 3 years.
Comments: I used the trial version and tested it out. Not only was it faster but was much easier to install than our current software. Once I was convinced we wanted to go with Netkiosk I contacted their helpdesk, since I had some questions and hopefully a could get a little customizing done. I worked with the Netkiosk Team getting the customizations done. We have now deployed it to our retail stores and everyone is very happy with the final results. Also the licensing is very easy to purchase and manage. Overall extremely happy with the software. Pros: Easy to use easy to deploy. Cons: Nothing so far Recommendations to other buyers: If you don't think Netkiosk is for you or if you feel as if you need more features contact their support. They are very helpful and will do everything they can to accommodate your needs.

Excellent Kiosk Software

George Kircher: Systems Administrator, Performance Bicycle Retail, 1001-5000 employees Employees. Using Netkiosk for more than 2 years.
Comments: NetKiosk Kiosk software is extremely easy to set up and the developer takes time to work with you on any issue that rarely comes up. They worked with us on the fly to make some adjustments to fit our particular computer programs and hardware. Very thoughtful and is working on many different platforms that our retailers run on.

Great Personal Service and Support

Shannon Delaney: Director of Marketing. Daniels Amish Collection. Using Netkiosk for more than 2 years.
During the 2015 Spanish national Elections Netkiosk was used on 4000 devices to control voter registration. You can read mote about this on the Netkiosk versions menu button on the top menu bar.

Netkiosk at the Spanish Elections

Netkiosk was used at the 2015 Spanish Elections.
As a result of a successful implementation of Netkiosk at the 2015 national Spanish Elections Netkiosk signed a 5 year agreement with Scytl.

7th June 2018 EO Ontario Canadian Elections.

A specially customized version of Netkiosk will be used at the June 2018 EO Canadian Elections on around 25000 devices.

What do we do. Our History and Philosophy.

What do we do. Our History and Philosophy.

At Netkiosk we specialize in security and kiosk software solutions. Our customers include Government Departments, Corporations, Education and other organisations, large and small. Netkiosk was founded in 2011 with the aim to offer reliable, flexible and affordable kiosk software with the core philosophy to make Netkiosk the best possible Kiosk Software platform via constant improvements and clever innovations. Since then direct input and feedback from our customers has helped Netkiosk to become one of the most popular and trusted kiosk software solutions around the world. While knowing that Netkiosk works for our customers and their users gives us satisfaction, it helps us to keep Netkiosk current and reliable and ensures that Netkiosk will work in any possible kiosk environment. We hope this creates a win-win Kiosk Software solution for everyone.