Netkiosk Versions and Volume Discounts



Payment options are available on the checkout page.
Please contact us for volume discounts.
We'll do our best to accommodate you.




1) You can pay using all major Credit and Debit cards.
2) You can pay via Paypal
3) You can pay via Bank Transfer (Purchase order and invoice)


Instant access to your licensed downloads.
On receipt of payment your licenses are available immediately in your Netkiosk account.
(Except when paying via Bank Transfer)



Education (4 licenses for the price of 1)


With Netkiosk Education you simply buy 1 and get 4 in total.
Netkiosk Kiosk Software for Education includes all Netkiosk versions.
You can decide which version best suits your needs.
Please see our new Education discounts. (or Below)



What else is included?


Free customization and free, any time, setup and configuration support.


Netkiosk includes the unique feature of free customization. We can customize any Netkiosk version to suit your needs and requirements. Although Netkiosk already has many different options built-in, you may find that you might want a different setup or different options and layout. By adding extra features or options we can create a custom Netkiosk version for you. All this is free of charge, and is included in the license cost.


Free Support.


Netkiosk Forum Q & A

Free Support via e-mail , telephone or remote assistance.
We offer free assistance with the setup and configuration, or any other issue you may have.
Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to get Netkiosk working for you. 



Multile Versions. 1 Price.
Whether you purchase Netkiosk Standard, Netkiosk Desktop Lock, or Netkiosk imperi you get a license for all Netkiosk versions. You can also swap or change to another Netkiosk version at any time.


  1. Netkiosk Desktop Lock. (Netkiosk Standard is fully integrated) This is our most current version. We recommend you try this first.
  2. Netkiosk Standard (Stand-alone). Mainly available to facilitate existing customers.
  3. Netkiosk imperi (Especially designed to run Google Chrome in full pure kiosk mode). At Present Netkiosk is the only Kiosk Software that offers a fully flexible Google Chrome Kiosk Solution.


Download a fully working Trial

You can download a fully working Netkiosk Trial from the download trial page.
Please refer to the install help page to assist you with the configuration.


Multiple Licenses and Volume Discounts.
Please contact us for volume discounts.
We'll do our best to accommodate you.




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